Friday, July 9, 2010

Forms of Liquid Antioxidants

Antioxidants cleanse the cells of the body. They are referred to as the scavengers of the body. Antioxidants free our body from radicals. Radicals result from eating unhealthy food and pollution in the environment. These radicals are the main component for cell damage. The role of antioxidant is to repair damage cells, at the same time protect the healthy ones by eliminating radicals out of the body. Don't you know that one of the most basic forms of antioxidants is in liquid state?

Do you eat juicy fruits a lot? Then you might have adequate source of antioxidant in your body. Fruits are rich in Vitamin C that is a form of antioxidants. You might not have an adequate amount of antioxidants all at once but taking a lot of fruits will increase the liquid antioxidant content in your body. Isn't it a good start for a healthy living? Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that the body needs. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system against communicable diseases. One healthy way of getting vitamin C is through fruits and juices. Aside from removing radicals out of the body, liquid antioxidants maintain the cells free from any harmful elements.

Cells are the building blocks of the body. Pollution and unhealthy food intake result to the degeneration of the body cells, thus throwing the body out of balance. If cells are not of their maximum performance, the body's resistance becomes weak leading to illnesses. Doctors and those inclined with medical sciences recommend the intake of liquid antioxidants not only among men and women, but more importantly, among pregnant women. Aside from helping the mother's defense against infections, the liquid antioxidants contribute the embryo's cell development.

There is no substitute for a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet with exercise and healthy lifestyle will result to a healthy living. In most cases, aside from sticking to the daily routine, with healthy foods and exercise, they make drinking pure fruit juices and eating juicy fruits a daily habit. According to research, people with a 40% intake of liquid antioxidants in a daily basis lessen the risk of having any type of cancer by 40% as well.
Studies made in the US and other highly urbanized countries of the world reveal that the liquid antioxidants have the ability to maintain the desirable amount of water in the cells, thus preventing dehydration and skin irritations. According to the study results, liquid antioxidant is being absorb by the cell, and maintains it until new set of antioxidant elements enter the body. Liquid antioxidant is not wasted once absorb by the cell. Aside from keeping the cell alive, it also contributes to keeping the body at work and intact throughout the day.

Well, it might sound a little bit simple but the hazards are real. And mind you, the impact is dangerous, since the target is all our human systems composed of cells and tissues. At some point, we might deem it minute, but bigger things start from small ones. If we won't take a step forward in maintaining a healthy and fit body, we might end up regretting it in the future when we realize it is already too late and the damage has been done.

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