Saturday, July 10, 2010

Which Antioxidant Body Cream is Most Favored by Users?

As you probably realize, the cosmetics industry is huge. This is evidenced, partly, by the many television commercials trying to convince viewers to try this or that product. These ads aren't cheap to create or to air but it's worth it to the sellers of these lotions and potions because their efforts are often very profitable. Recently, antioxidant body cream has become a very popular choice for those wanting something to help them look younger and healthier.

Billions are spent every year by people trying to look younger. Some think regular exercise is the answer while, for others, a proper diet is the main focus. Food supplement companies tout many of their products to not only restore health but also beauty. But, while not everyone is willing to go the diet or exercise route to improve appearance, few people, particularly women, would go a single day without using some type of lotion, cream or gel to try to look better.

Some years ago it was discovered that something called 'free radicals', which exist throughout our environment, cause people to age more quickly. Free radicals are the by-product of the oxidation process, which is a common chemical reaction. It's what causes many untreated metals to rust and eventually degrade to the point of disintegration.

In the body, free radicals left unchecked can be responsible for causing cell damage somewhat similar to the rust on metal. But, just as metal can be treated to extend its life and improve its appearance, so can you 'treat' yourself to look better, younger and healthier. The solution is the use of antioxidants.

Here's a good example. You know if you cut an apple in half and leave it sitting out in the open the white fruit will soon start to turn brown. This is evidence of the free radicals working on the cells of the fruit, causing obvious physical damage. However, if after cutting the apple you rub on a little lemon juice the browning process will be slowed considerably. The reason for this is that lemon juice contains antioxidants, called bioflavonoids, which interact with the free radicals, negating their effect.

Using a good antioxidant body cream will have a similar effect on your skin, like the lemon applied to the apple. An effective cream will counteract the harmful tendencies of the oxidation process on your skin and help you to look younger, healthier and more attractive. And, after all, who wouldn't pay good money to achieve those benefits?

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